Anthony Joshua Fight vs Wladimir Klitschko The Full Breakdown

Anthony Joshua Fight

Next fight for the British boxer, Anthony Joshua who currently holds the IBF World Heavyweight title is the old guard and former undisputed champion Wladimir Klitschko. The debate rages on and it falls into two camps one being AJ is too young to take such a scalp and the other being Wlad is too old to cope with the young lion.

Anthony Joshua Fight Stats

Age 27

Height 1.98m

Weight 106kg

Reach 208cm/82″

Fights 18


Anthony Joshua represented Britain as an amateur in the Olympics of 2012 winning gold in the super-heavyweight division. Before this, he represented England in 2011 at the World Championships winning a silver medal. He has gone on to win the British and Commonwealth heavyweight titles in 2015 and 2016. It is safe to say by looking at the amateur pedigree that AJ can do no wrong! Winning Gold and Silver in major competitions and being a gentleman ambassador to the sport.

Anthony Joshua Olympic Fight


Professional Record 18-0

Since turning professional Anthony Joshua fight fans have seen him win every fight 18 to be exact and in doing so won the IBF World Heavyweight title along the way. He beats Dillian Whyte to win the British Heavyweight crown albeit Dillian was inexperienced at the time this we think is one of the hardest fights Aj has had.

Wladimir Klitschko Fight 

What can be said about Wladimir Klitschko in the world of boxing he is an absolute legend with the record of 68-4 he has reigned supreme in the Heavyweight division for more than 15 years. The Ukranian who has a similar amateur pedigree to AJ won an Olympic Gold at The Atlanta games in 1996. Since then he has gone on to dominate the Heavyweight division very rarely been pushed.

Wladimir Klitschko Fight Stats

Age 41

Height 1.98m

Weight 112kg

Reach 206cm/81″

Fights 68

Experience 68-4

As an amateur Wlad won 134 fights from 140. In the Atlanta 1996 Olympics, he clinched the gold medal in the Super Heavyweight division sound familiar?

In 1999 he became the European Champion and in 2000 he fought and beat Champion WBO Champ Chris Byrd in a family grudge match. Avenging the vacation of his brother Vitali after having shoulder surgery. He held this belt for 2 years until losing to Corrie Sanders. He got defeated again within 12months by Lamon Brewster almost signalling the end of his career. Many experts including older brother Vitali advised him to quit after this.

Champions Like Wladimir Klitschko Never Quit 

Wladimir Klitschko

In the modern era of Heavyweight Boxing, you could argue that Wlad is the pound for pound best. After being advised to leave the sport the guy goes on to destroy the “Nigerian Nightmare” Samuel Peter who was known to be the hardest puncher in the division. Wlad being knocked down 3 times in the match went on to win on points. Chris Byrd was next losing his IBF title to Wald in a 7 round knockout. Clavin Brock Americas Heavyweight hope got crushed after an undefeated run the winning list goes on until meeting a certain Tyson Fury(more on him later) in Dusseldorf Germany losing his WBA/IBO/IBF/WBO Heavyweight Titles.

Are We Seeing The Dawn Of A New Heavyweight King?

Anthony Joshua Fight fans will be happy with his progress through the ranks and his current status in the Heavyweight division he is 27 with an 18-0 record and all looks well for the young British superstar. One of our big questions about this match up is the quality of opposition Aj has come across so far in his career? Dillian Whyte and Dominic Breazeale being the biggest names we can think of. Dillian was inexperienced at the time and gave AJ a good test we believe and hope that Dillian will get a chance to come again. Breazeale was a display of Aj’s boxing skills but the tough American did manage to hang in there and test the Joshua engine slightly. Hopefully you understand what I am getting at here I am a big fan of AJ but the truth is so far he has bulldozed his opponents which can mean one of two things he is either too good for them or they are handpicked by Eddie Hearn at Matchroom Boxing Promotions to give Joshua an easy entry to his Heavyweight professional career.

Has Wlad Drank From The Well One too Many Times?

Wladimir Klitschko is 41years old and even so his glittering career is something to be proud of we have to take a look at his last fight against the one and only Tyson Fury. Fury went into the lion’s den in Dusseldorf Germany and stripped Klitschko of all his belts. His boxing was a light-footed agile aggravating fox like display of brilliance which left the flat-footed Wlad looking old and disheartened by what he was up against. They styles make fights and I think Fury gave everyone the blueprint on how to beat Wlad but AJ is not the same sort of fighter as Fury and made not be light enough on his feet to replicate that display.

A Career-Defining Fight 

Anthony Joshua fight fans will be raising the roof on Wembley April 29th in a sellout 90,000 event which is bigger than Froch vs Groves 2 which was in the region of 86,000 sorry Carl I guess it had to happen eventually. This is set to be the biggest event in Heavyweight Boxing history rolling back to the glory days of Frank Bruno. It is a testament to the quality and calibre of British Boxing at present.

The Verdict As We See It

AJ is young, hungry, and meditatively calm at times he is in immense shape and has it all to lose really if you think about it Wlad is the underdog with no real pressure on him except the goal of regaining his titles.

Wlad says he is focusing on the one goal ahead of him and believes this is his destiny to regain the titles at 41years old. To upstage the young prospect and write his name in the Boxing history books. Wlad is always in top physical shape and we know that he will turn up to fight. Wlad will need and use all of the ring craft he has gathered over the years with the style being quite evenly matched I think he will want to hold a lot, therefore, forcing AJ into making mistakes in the later rounds.

AJ will force the fight pace earlier on and try to maintain that into the middle rounds and go for the knockout if he has the engine we believe he has this should be achievable. Wlad will hold and make it difficult but I believe the youth of AJ and time out of the ring will prove too much for Klitschko.

Current Odds For The Anthony Joshua Fight vs Klitschko 

Joshua 11/25

Klitschko 7/4

Joshua decision 8/11

Joshua by KO 11/2

Klitschko decision 3/1

Klitschko by KO 11/2

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  1. I’ve been a big Klitschko fan since the early days. I know he’s 41, but I’m confident he’s got enough juice left in the legs to beat A.J.!

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